3 years of freelancing fun

I realized a couple of days ago that it was January of 2007 when I dove into the crazy world of freelancing full-time. It has been quite an adventure. In that time I've worked on a number of fun projects with an amazing assortment of awesome clients, launched two different products (Catch the Best in 2007 and Rails Kits in 2008), and learned a whole lot about how to (and how not to) run a business. It's been a blast.

I just wanted to pause for a second to thank all the clients that have entrusted their projects to me, and to thank those who have worked with me in various roles on those projects.

Also, with the new year I have some new plans afoot... First, I'm thinking of hiring my first employee to help with the workload that I have. In the second half of 2009 I kept busy enough to need long-term help from a few excellent sub-contractors, and now may be a good time to double the size of my payroll. :)

Second, I have at least one new Rails Kit coming out soon, and perhaps a couple more by the end of the year.

Third, I have an idea for a new product that I think developers would love, and I'm dying to launch it -- I just need to find the time to build it. :)