Will RailsConf Suck?

For me, there are two reasons to go to conferences like RailsConf: to learn cool stuff, and to meet cool people. I have no doubts that this year's RailsConf will be great on the content side. I am a bit worried that it will suck on the people side, though. It's not that I think the people there won't be cool, it's just that there will be so many people to meet!

Canada on Rails was a fun, single-track conference where I got to meet a bunch of great people for the first time (in person, at least). RailsConf06 was similarly fun, but on a bigger scale. It was a bummer to have to miss out on some of the content because of the multi-track format. RubyConf06 was fun like Canada on Rails was. The content and people were excellent at all three, but there is something to be said for having a smaller crowd.

So, I want you to help make RailsConf not suck (at least, for me), and I'm going to give you an incentive to do so. I want to meet you. Really. I've probably chatted with you on IRC, or exchanged emails with you on the mailing list, or maybe you just read my blog. At any rate, I want to put a face with a name, and with 1,200+ people at the conference center, that's going to be a bit of challenge. I want you to find me.

Why should you bother? Here's why: If you find me, introduce yourself, and take one of my business cards, I will donate $4 to Ruby Central. I'm going to print up a batch of 250 cards just for RailsConf, so if I meet 250 people and give away all these cards, I'll donate $1,000 to Ruby Central.

Ben Curtis Here's a pic of me so you can find me. I'm looking forward to meeting you. :)