Ruby on Rails Trainer/Consultant

I just finished an IM training session with a client and realized I hadn't mentioned on my blog that I'm doing that sort of thing these days. So, here's a little invitation to you if you are looking for some personalized Ruby on Rails help, or some one-on-one Rails training.

Contact me and I'll be happy to help you on an hourly basis via IM and email, or on a daily basis at your location. If you like the excellent advice Jamis and Michael provide at The Rails Way, you'll love the results you can get for your project with some personal attention from me.

Whether you are looking for an answer to a particular question, some tips on a sticking point in your application, or more general training on Rails idioms and best practices, I can help you accelerate your journey towards Rails mastery. The clients I have worked with feel they have really benefited from having some expert guidance as they build their applications, and I enjoy helping others learn new things, so it's a fun time for everyone involved. :)

Don't delay! An operator (me) is standing by! Act now to get Rails training!