Ruby on Rails Jobs

With all the job boards that have been popping up lately, I was starting to feel left out. So, I launched my own. :)

Go visit the newest "Ruby on Rails job board": to see jobs that will be advertised on every page of, the home of the "rails plugin directory":

Jobs will list for $200 for 30 days, but I'm offering a $100 discount for the first week just to kick things off. If you use the coupon code EarlyBird before the 14th, you can list your job for $100 rather than $200.

Do we really need another job board? Yes, for two reasons: # I do think there's value in having a board that requires an up-front fee for posting, and so far there isn't one that has a significant reach to the Rails community. # This job board will be advertised on a site that gets a fair amount of traffic from Rails developers who aren't necessarily looking for a job. In other words, this job board will be well placed for passive job seekers and accidental job discovery.

So, if you're in the market, fire away and "post a job listing to find a Rails developer": If you're looking for a Rails job, wait a few days until there's a post or two. :)

And congrats to the "JobCoin": crew. They've put together a cool service.