Penultimate Rails E-commerce Book Update

I was hoping that this would be the final book update, but I just haven't had the time yet to write the last big chunk that's left to be written: Integrating with payment gateways using "Active Merchant":

So, instead of keeping people waiting, I decided to make this release, which isn't quite as big as I was hoping it would be. I did toss in some fun stuff, though, like how to use the "dollars_and_cents plugin": for storing money amounts in the database and the "acts_as_sluggable plugin": to help with "SEO": for your store. You can check out the "full list of changes":, and of course, you can also "buy it now":!

Oh, and now you can even buy it without using PayPal, if you wish. I have set up Google Checkout so you can purchase it that way, although I currently don't have the integration set up to automatically send the book to you after you cough up the dough. Perhaps I'll get around to getting Google Checkout better integrated, and then I could add info on that to the book. :) Until then, if you use Google Checkout you'll have to be a little patient, giving me time to get the notification email and send you the book manually.