Install Rails Plugins from TextMate

Would you like to install plugins to your Rails app without ever leaving your favorite text editor? Well, if your favorite text editor is TextMate, you now can, thanks to Duane Johnson. In r1324 of TextMate, which just got auto-updated on my laptop a few minutes ago, there's now a quick and easy way to search for and install plugins listed in the Rails plugin directory.

When in Ruby on Rails mode in TextMate and editing a file that's part of a Rails application, use ^| to pull up a list of Rails actions and choose 2 to install a plugin. You'll get a text box and a "Go" button. Enter your search text in the box, click the button, and you'll run a search against the plugin directory at For each search result you get back, you'll get links to the plugin's home page, to the plugin's SVN repository, and for installing the plugin. Click that last link and the plugin will be installed. Now you don't even have to use RaPT. :)

Thanks Duane!