Well, I did get my product released that I mentioned in my last post: Tesly.

Tesly is a web-based test plan management system. Tesly was originally an open-source project, with the first release of code back in 2002, but I have since rewritten it from the ground up and thought I would take a crack at offering it as a service. I've been involved with web-based businesses whose core products were hosted applications for quite a while now, so I feel right at home taking this approach. Hopefully I can help others improve their software development and make a little bit of money at the same time. :)

So, what can you do with Tesly? Well, of course at this early stage the functionality is still quickly expanding, but you can currently use Tesly to store and share your test plans and test cases with those on your development team. You can assign test cases to individual testers, who will receive notifications of those assignments via email. Then, when the tester runs the test and updates the status of the case with the test run result, the creator of the test case gets an email with information about the results of the test run. The QA lead or test administrator can also see the results of the test plans at a glance -- quickly getting an overall feel for the status of the project.

There will be more to come. Helping product and project teams create traceability in their software development processes is the main goal I have for Tesly, and I'm excited to make that kind of contribution to software development in general, if I can.