Rails Caching Strategies (a presentation)

Tonight I gave a presentation at the Rails Meetup in Seattle on caching strategies with Rails, and I had a great time. I’m convinced Rails developers don’t use caching enough, and we have so many good options for caching in our apps, we really should be avid practitioners of caching. :)

I had a request to put my slides up, so here they are. They are a bit more useful if you have the context of the words I said along with them, but that’s the way these things go, right?

For those of you who were there, I suppose I should apologize for mentioning (so many times) the Airbrake competitor that I recently launched. After the 2nd or so time I mentioned it, it became a bit of a joke to see how many times I could mention it, and I do hope I didn’t annoy you. :)