Looking for Ruby and Rails developers

I’m on the hunt for development help, so if you’ve been working with Ruby and/or Rails for a while, and you’re looking for some contract hours to fill, I’d love to hear from you.

A fellow entrepreneur here in Seattle and I both need someone part-time, so between the two of us, we might be able to use all the hours you can spare. We’re both open to intermediate through advanced Ruby/Rails developers, with hourly prices from $60 to $120, with at least 10 to 20 hours available per week. Both of us are looking to work with a developer for an extended period of time, so this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :)

My needs include getting help with RailsKits, and Catch the Best. If you end up helping me with RailsKits, that could lead to additional engagements, as I’m often getting requests from people looking for development help to tweak the Kits to meet their needs.

My entrepreneur friend is looking for help for his bootstrapped startup, which is in the early part of its development cycle. If you are on the more advanced end of the spectrum he’ll be looking to you to help coordinate the efforts of more junior developers, which means you’ll be able to focus on the bits you find interesting. :)

I won’t bore you with a required skills list – if you’ve been developing web apps for at least a year or two, then you’ll be comfortable with (or be able to quickly learn) the whole stack of technologies that we are using.

To get in touch and let us know you’d be interested in us throwing cash at you in exchange for your talents, please submit your info here. Be sure to include a link to your github profile, a brief run-down of your relevant experience, and your desired hourly rate. This is a contract/1099 arrangement.