Gnomedex 2008

I'm a little late in writing this, and I won't do it the justice it really deserves, but I had to finally get out a blog post about how much I enjoyed attending Gnomedex. This was the first time I had attended, and I had a fantastic time.

I had considered attending in previous years, but I never got a good sense for what I'd encounter there, so I didn't want to throw down the $$ and end up being disappointed. Well, I really had no clue what it would be like this year, either, but I kept hearing such good things about it that I decided to risk it.

And am I glad I did! It was an amazing few days, with motivational, funny, and deeply moving presentations. As a technologist, I was just blown away with the amazing things people are doing with the technologies that I help create. Beyond that, the people at the conference were just excellent people to be around -- the vibe was definitely different from your typical tech conference, in a good way.

I had a fantastic time. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Chris put on an amazing program, and I'm looking forward to attending next year.