Keep resumes out of your inbox

I opened up my recruiting software project to alpha testers on Monday. I really wanted to know how people would react to it, particularly to see if I'm on the right track with it. Frankly, I have been blown away by the overwhelmingly positive feedback I've gotten.

A recurring comment has been how cool it will be to use Catch the Best to keep from getting buried by a ton of emails when you post a job opening on a job board. One of the primary features of CTB is to provide anonymous email addresses (with source tracking!) for you to use as the destination address when creating a listing at a job board. Instead of getting all those resumes sent to your inbox, now you can send them directly to a tool built especially for managing them. If you've ever posted a job on Craigslist and then dealt with a flood of applicants, you'll realize how cool this is.

In case you can't tell, I'm darned excited about this product. :)