Meet up at RailsConf 2007

I just launched a "ConferenceMeetup": site for "RailsConf 2007": As I wrote in my post "announcing ConferenceMeetup":, this was an app inspired by what I wish I would have had when I attended RailsConf 2006 and RubyConf 2006, and I hope others attending RailsConf this year will find it useful.

If you're planning on attending RailsConf this year, you're welcome to create a page for yourself at the "RailsConf 2007 ConferenceMeetup site": You'll need to enter the conference password to create your account. The password is "chunky bacon" (without the quotes). With the huge turnout that's expected to be at the conference, this may be the best way to "bump into" the people you'd like to meet while you're there.

If you have comments or suggestions about the site, I'd love to hear them. Feel free to "let me know":/contact what you think.