150 Rails Plugins

I finally finished bringing over the remaining plugins from the wiki to the plugin directory, bringing the number of plugins to over 150. The directory also has a few that aren't on the wiki page.

It's pretty cool to look over all those plugins and see just how much effort is being contributed to Ruby on Rails. Here's a big "thank you" to all those who have made those contributions. I know my projects have benefited from all that hard work.

Another change I made to the plugin directory this week was adding support for RDoc markup in the description, including being able to fetch the README file from the plugin SVN repository, RDoc-ify it, and stuff it into the description when creating a plugin. This was a request from Geoffrey Grosenbach, to help plugin authors save some time and not have to write another description for their plugins.

Ideas and suggestions for the Rails plugin directory are always welcome. It's been fun working on this project, and it's a pleasure to give a little back to the community via this resource.