Tesly relaunched!

Finally, after a number of delays (for other projects and plain ol' randomness), the Tesly rewrite has been launched! Rewrites always take longer than you expect. :) In this case, Tesly was my first 'learn Rails' project, and, as such, actually was almost done twice, as I learned enough Rails to get it done the first time, then I learned enough to do it well. Since starting on the Tesly rewrite, I've done a number of Rails projects, so at times I'd come back to Tesly and say "oh no, that has to be redone" -- and then, of course, I'd redo it. :) In other words, it has been fun, and I'm looking forward to continuing to improve it. Oh, and Capistrano plus a recipe from Jim Morris that pushes code out via tarballs simply rocks.

Now to find a good designer to help me with a logo and a web design...