Benjamin Curtis

Speculations on Web Development


I like to keep busy, so I try to keep a few projects going on most of the time. Here is a list of some of the personal projects that I’ve worked on, in no particular order.

An error management app for Rails developers. If you run a Rails app, you really need to use Honeybadger.
Want to know what gems you are using that are out of date? BundleWatcher’s got your back.
Rails Kits
Ready-made code for Rails developers.
A candidate applicant tracking system.
ConferenceMeetup (sold to Confabb)
ConferenceMeetup provides a private community site for conference attendees to interact with each other and the presenters before, during, and after the conference. I was inspired to build this application while attending RailsConf 2006. I thought it would be useful for every conference to have a site where the attendees could find out information about each other, get in touch with each other in order to arrange meetings, and also ask questions of and provide feedback to the presenters about their presentation topics. Since I figured other people might find it useful as well, I launched ConferenceMeetup.
A community site for Rails developers — the home of the Rails plugin directory.

Client Projects

Selected projects done for various clients.
If you’re looking for office space, look for it at
tada! shop
Buy cool stuff for your cool kids.
Making it easy to share contact info.
A storefront-in-a-box for professional photographers.
Beyond Wine & Cheese Marketing
Customizable marketing templates for rental property managers.
Griffin Technology
Maker of fine iPod, iPhone and Mac accessories.